Three tasty ways to cook vegetables

Thanks to some of the preparations we will talk about today, therefore, eating or giving vegetables to even those who do not like them much will be much more simplethus allowing you to enjoy all the benefits that these bring to the body.

Cakes and omelettes

If there is a way to prepare vegetables in a tasty and delicious way is what the savory pies And omelettes. These preparations mix the flavors of vegetables with those of beaten egg, of puff pastry and you very tasty stringy cheeses. The beauty of these recipes is that, beyond the procedure, they allow everyone to freely choose the ingredients and create new cakes and omelettes from time to time, based on the taste and seasonal freshness of the vegetables.
The only precaution to follow is to pay attention to cutting and cooking, to give uniformity to the consistency of the cake. Specifically, it is always better to cut the vegetables into cubes or strips, trying to obtain pieces of equal size, and to cook them in abundant boiling water before baking.

Creams and velvets

The velvety are typically autumn and winter dishes thanks to which it is possible to warm up while tasting a finely reduced vegetable mix and mix in a thick and inviting cream. To prepare them giving them color and taste, we suggest you always choose fresh seasonal vegetables, to be combined, at the end of cooking, with spreadable cheese to obtain a bright, fragrant and tasty effect. If you like, you can also combine the vegetable soup with some croutons flavored with rosemary, salt and garlic.
The creaminstead, they allow you to season pasta-based first courses with vegetables of any kind. The principle is the same as the soup, that is boiled cooking after which proceed to blend everything in the mixer. Unlike the velvety, however, you will simply have to heat the cream obtained in a pan, perhaps with a good boiling sauce, and then pour the freshly cooked pasta to be sautéed and pour into the dish.

Grilled and baked

The grilled and baked vegetables they constitute the last great group of vegetable recipes, ideal even for those who do not usually appreciate them. The secret is to enrich the cooking with tasty and delicious ingredients such as potatoes, breadcrumbs or parmesan.
To do them crunchy and delicious we suggest to cut them into equal pieces, blanch them for a few minutes in boiling water and then drain them. At this point, just season them with oil, salt, spices and breadcrumbs and put them in a pan to put in the oven. After twenty minutes, one will be seen forming nice crisp and inviting surfacewhich will make vegetables irresistible, even on the palate more difficult to please.

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