The great fine red wines and food pairings

  1. The great Italian red wines
    1. Barolo
    2. Amarone della Valpolicella
    3. Primitivo di Manduria
    4. Chianti Classico

The great Italian red wines

Therefore, here are what the most appreciated fine red wines and what are the indications for matching dishes.


The Barolo it's a Piedmontese dry red winecoming, precisely, from the Langhe. His characteristics have allowed him to be considered the king of Italian wines. The grape variety used for the production of Barolo is Nebbioloso called both because its flowering grapes seem to be covered by fog, and because of the fog that often covers the hills of the region. The taste of Barolo is a lot tannic, refined and with aromatic complexity.

  • The recommended combinations are with autumn risottos, for example with mushrooms; with grilled, roasted or braised meat; with aged cheeses and with bitter chocolate and chestnuts desserts.

Amarone della Valpolicella

L'Amarone della Valpolicella it's a red wine with a dry flavorproduced in Verona. The vines used for the production of this wine are located in Aceto, Sant'Ambrogio, Marano and Fumane, but it can be produced in any area of ​​Valpolicella. The production of Amarone is quite characteristic: the bunches of grapes remain from a minimum of three weeks to a maximum of three months in low humidity withering in order to concentrate the natural sugars and aromas, and then it is gently pressed.

  • The perfect matches of this wine are those with Venetian cold cuts and cheeses, very rich first courses and stews of meat. Furthermore, the wine is used for the preparation of the famous risotto all'amarone.

Primitivo di Manduria

The Primitivo di Manduria it is one of the fine red wines produced in the south. Specifically, it's about an Apulian red wine. Production takes place more or less throughout the region: in Bari, Taranto, Lecce and in the lower Brindisi area. The name "primitivo" is given by the fact that it ripens early, in the first days of September. The vinification is done in thestainless steelat controlled temperature. The result is a wine with woody scents and spicy aromas, with a velvety and pleasant taste on the palatedespite thehigh alcohol content (at least 14 °).

  • It goes perfectly with red meat dishes: mixed grills, stews, roasts, but also with legume soup and with oriental dishes. For this reason, in fact, it is one of the most popular wines in Asia.

Chianti Classico

The Chianti Classico is one of the fine red wines of Tuscany. Specifically, Chianti is produced in the provinces of Florence and Siena. To make it happen, they are used Sangiovese grapes with the addition of other varieties (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Canaiolo or Colorino). The taste of Chianti is warm, persistent and balanced; moreover, it is characterized by aromatic notes that envelop the nose. The production of this wine follows rather strict rules that guarantee its high quality, such as aging for at least 11 months.

  • It goes well with red meat dishes, while for those based on game it is to be preferred Chianti Riservaor aged 24 months with 3 months of aging in the bottle.

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