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When it comes to eating well Peruvian stuffed caiguas is a good option, which we must also think about foods that have some content of nutrients that benefit our health because here we give you the recipe for the stuffed caiguas They have a mix of vegetables and meats. In addition to being a very delicious dish.

  1. Origin of the Stuffed Caiguas
  2. How to prepare the Stuffed Caiguas
  3. Stuffed Caiguas Recipe
    1. Ingredients
    2. Preparation
    3. Fill and cook the caiguas
  4. How to accompany the Stuffed Caiguas

Origin of the Stuffed Caiguas

Stuffed caiguas or also called caigua meatballs are a dish that features one of the most nutritious herbaceous fruits that we can find all year round. It is known that since the 20th century this food has become a very popular dish.

How to prepare the Stuffed Caiguas

  1. The first thing we are going to do is prepare our ingredients for the filling of our caigua, for this we will boil the peas, carrot and eggs. We also started soaking the bread.
  2. What will follow is the dressing because this step is super important since it needs patience and love to obtain the special flavor that the ingredients that we are going to use will give.
  3. We begin to fill the caiguas with our little meat and then we will start cooking.

Stuffed Caiguas Recipe

In this new recipe we can find a delicious stuffed caigua that, apart from having a good flavor, is a dish with great nutritional benefits as it has a variety of beneficial ingredients.

Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking: 30 minutes
Total: 45 minutes
portions: 4 people
calories: 0 calories


  • 1.- 5 medium caiguas.
  • 2.- 500 gr of minced or ground beef.
  • 3.- 2 cups of vegetable or meat broth.
  • 4.- ½ cup of fresh peas.
  • 5.- ½ cup of diced carrots.
  • 6.- 50 gr of black raisins.
  • 7.- Black olives.
  • 8.- Quail eggs.
  • 9.- ½ cup of milk.
  • 10.- Some slices of bread 30 gr.
  • 11.- 1 tbsp. of chopped parsley.
  • 12.- 1 cup of diced red onion.
  • 13.- 1/2 cup of diced tomato.
  • 14.- Vegetable oil.
  • 15.- 1 yellow pepper chopped into very small squares or 1 tbsp. of ground yellow chili.
  • 16.- 2 tbsp. of ground panca chili.
  • 17.- 1 tbsp. of ground garlic.
  • 18.- 1 pinch of cumin.
  • 19.- 1 tsp. of oregano
  • 20.- Pepper and salt to taste.


Let's start by pre-preparing some ingredients.

  • 1.1.- Putting in the first place to cook our peas and carrots in a saucepan with boiling water, add a little salt and let them cook not too much because they will finish their cooking inside the filling.
  • 1.2.- In another saucepan we are also going to cook the quail eggs so we can have them ready for our caigua.
  • 1.3.- On the other hand, we are going to soak the bread with the milk and then undo it with a fork or, if you like, you can blend it.

Now we are going to make the stuffing dressing

  • 2.1.- Put a splash of oil in a deep frying pan and when it is hot, add the onion to fry slowly and over heat until transparent.
  • 2.2.- Once the onion is transparent we are going to add the cumin and the ground garlic so we are going to fry slowly until the garlic takes color.
  • 2.3.- Now we add the tomato and the yellow chili and we continue frying very slowly, then we put the red chili or ground panca chili all this together we are going to fry for about 2 minutes.
  • 2.4.- When everything is well fried, now we are going to put the meat and continue frying for 8 minutes and when you see that at the bottom of the pot you can see that the oil separates, it is a sign that it is ready to continue.
  • 2.5.- We are now going to add the parsley and stir very well. Here we try the salt and if it is missing you must stir very well so that it is even.
  • 2.6.- On a plate we are going to reserve 4 tablespoons of this dressing to cook our caiguas with this.
  • 2.7.- Now this is how we are going to put the rest of the ingredients such as the raisins, the peas and the carrot, stir very well and surely you will feel a delicious aroma.
  • 2.8.- Right away we are going to put the bread that we have flattened very well now we are going to let it cool down to fill our caiguas.

Fill and cook the caiguas

Now we are going to fill and cook the caiguas

  • 3.1.- We are going to remove the seeds from our caiguas and carefully make a hole where a teaspoon can enter with which we are going to put the filling.
  • 3.2.- Once we have the caiguas ready with the spoon we are going to put the filling and a small egg that has already been boiled through the hole, make sure it is hard and well filled and finally we place an olive.
  • 3.3.- In the pan where we made our filling we are going to put the dressing that we reserved, a little broth and salt to accommodate and now if we take the for 8 minutes on one side and then we are going to turn the 8 more minutes on the other side .

Fact: When we are already cooking the caiguas we must ensure that there is enough broth, if it is drying we can add more broth until the cooking time is complete.

How to accompany the Stuffed Caiguas

  1. White rice.
  2. Mashed potatoes.
  3. Creole sauce.

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