Rice and its varieties. Which rice to choose

There are various types of rice on the market, which differ in shape, cooking times and recipes. In fact, there are some types that are preferred for a particular preparation, while others that are preferred for other types of dishes. It is good to know that there are many recipes: the important thing is to choose the right grain of rice.

Variety and preparation of rice

To prepare the rice it takes a little more attention than the preparation of the pasta: everything starts from cooking. In fact, rice can be boiled in salted water, steamed or cooked in a pressure cooker.

Many, for example, do not know how to cook rice in a pan and, in fact, encounter some difficulties because it is a method that, at first glance, may appear more complex. In reality, it depends on the variety of rice you have selected.
Cooking in a pan is intended for the preparation of creamed risottos: more time and more attention is needed, otherwise the possibility of serving an exquisite dish at the table could fade and, among others, an imbalance between the flavors could be found. But don't worry: first of all, it is always good to rely on the recipes that explain the preparation in detail and guide you step by step.

Furthermore, it is good to know at least a few unwritten rules regarding rice to take the first steps inside this ancient and varied world. For example, to prepare a risotto in a pan it is good to orient yourself on the Carnaroli ricethe Italian rice par excellence, or Arboriothanks to the amount of starch they have and their high resistance to cooking. Another variety that lends itself to creamed risottos is the rice Romethanks to the large and rounded grain that makes it suitable for any type of cooking.

The multifaceted rice par excellence is the Fishwith a semi-long and rounded grain: it has excellent resistance to cooking and is at the top of the ranking for not dry recipes like soups. A great ally of rice is broth, which goes perfectly with Ribe. To serve an appetizing dish it is good to ensure that the broth remains clear.

These are just a few tips: at the stove everyone can improvise chef that is for passion that for inspiration. The important thing is to choose the right rice and get lots of attention and enough time. A simple grain of rice can give life to something formidable and tasty that can always be theace in the hole to serve in a special occasion or convivial.

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