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Ceviche preparations in all their combinations are already widely known throughout the world. More and more new variants are added to give diners many options to enjoy this exquisite dish of the Peruvian cuisine.

In this opportunity, we will prepare an exquisite Chicken Cevichethat although the most common preparations are those of fish and shellfish; in this case the chicken combined with the lemon, gives the ceviche a very special flavor.

  1. How to make chicken ceviche?
  2. Peruvian Chicken Ceviche Recipe
    1. Ingredients
    2. Preparation

How to make chicken ceviche?

Although it is thought that the consumption of raw chicken; Unlike fish, in the preparation of this ceviche, the chicken is blanched in boiling water, before incorporating the well-known ingredients that give acidity to raw meat preparations, either fish or chicken.

Although the preparation is spicy, these are optional; citrus and fish flavors are sufficient. If you want, you can make a vinaigrette.

Peruvian Chicken Ceviche Recipe

Unlike other ceviche preparations, in the chicken one some cooking is used for the chicken meat, but the rest of the procedure is very similar to the other ceviche preparations.

Is chicken ceviche recipe Provides lots of protein vitamins and minerals essential for the health of our family; of all ages; and although it has more calories than ceviches whose meat base is fish or seafoodmaceration with vegetable ingredients they make it low in fat and much healthier than others chicken recipes. Here is some general information about this recipe:

Rations: 6 characters
Calories: 210
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes
Total: 40 minutes


  • 6 chicken breasts, diced
  • 2 red onions, cut into thin julienne strips
  • 4 sprigs of coriander
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2 sweet peppers
  • 1 hot pepper
  • 7-8 lemons
  • Salt to taste


  • 1. Chop the chicken breast into small cubes
  • 2. Place the chicken cubes in a pot of boiling water and blanch for 15 to 20 minutes. It should be soft but not waste
  • 3. Place the chicken cubes in a glass bowl and add salt and pepper to taste. Stir everything until well mixed.
  • 4. Cut the onions julienne, then place them in a container with cold water and salt. Reserve.
  • 5. Cut the limo peppers into thin strips. If you want the preparation to be spicy, cut it with the seeds and the veins (this chili is very strong)
  • 6. Add the chopped peppers to the preparation with the chicken.
  • 7. Grind the garlic and add to the bowl. Stir everything very well so that it is well mixed.
  • 8. Add the lemon juice to the glass container and mix everything very well.
  • 9. Add the onion and continue mixing.
  • 10. Set aside and let stand for about 5 minutes.
  • 11. After the 5 minutes have passed, we try to rectify the salt.
  • 12. Add the coriander and a pinch of ajinomoto
  • 13. We remove very well and that's it.

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