Italian cheeses from Lombardy, Piedmont, Sardinia

Italian cheeses are appreciated all over the world, in Italy some of the most famous cheeses in the world are produced (Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano) but there are also real treasures. food and wine niches which derive from small artisanal productions which unfortunately are not easily available on traditional markets.

But what are these cheeses? Where can they be found?

Cheeses from Lombardy

Lombardy is a very famous area for the production of cheeses as in this region there are numerous mountain ranges that are an ideal environment for grazing in the mountain pastures and therefore for the production of milk particularly suitable for the production of cheeses with a particular and recognizable character.

  • How can we forget the cheeses of Valtellina? The Bitto PDOThe Casera DOP which are the fundamental ingredients for the preparation of an iconic dish of the territory such as Pizzoccheri.
  • In Valcamonica another great food and wine treasure is produced such as PDO Siltro which comes from the milk of cows that graze in the meadows and pastures of the mountains of the Adamello Group. The famous is also produced in the province of Brescia Bagossmore precisely in the town of Bagolino.
  • Lombardy is also a land of blue cheeses, in fact the Gorgonzola DOP finds its production area in Lombardy but instead if we move to the Bergamo area we find the production area of ​​another great Lombardy product, namely the Taleggio PDO.
  • In the Lodi area a cheese is produced that is produced with vegetable rennet and also lactose-free, it is called Beautiful Lodi. It is a very particular product with a truly pleasant and unique taste from which the famous one is also obtained Raspadura obtained by means of a tool that "rasp", scratches the surface of the cheese creating very fine sheets that can be used in numerous recipes.

Piedmontese cheeses

Piedmont certainly cannot be considered second to Lombardy in terms of dairy production of excellence, in fact we can mention absolute gastronomic excellences:

  • Robiola di Roccaverano PDO it is a cheese produced from goat's milk, to be precise from the Roccaverano goat. This product is a concentrate of taste and is really very characteristic.
  • If we talk about Piedmontese cheeses we cannot fail to mention also the Blue of Morozzoa cheese perhaps not very well known but of great quality, a blue cheese full of flavor and an exceptional taste produced in the province of Cuneo.
  • Another great Piedmontese cheese is Monteborea product that can also boast the Slow food presidium. This cheese has a very particular shape and a deeply recognizable taste, truly a unique product!

Typical Sardinian cheeses

Sardinia is famous in the dairy sector for the production of Pecorino, the Sardinian pecorino is truly famous all over the world as we are talking about cheeses with a truly intense and unique taste.

  • Surely it is mandatory to mention the Pecorino Fiore Sardo DOP a pecorino with character but at the same time very elegant, it can also be used as a cheese to be grated and, listen, it is also very suitable for the preparation of a sauce, not Sardinian, such as Pesto alla Genovese.
  • Another great Sardinian pecorino is undoubtedly the Sardinian casea pecorino with a strong personality with an intense and persistent taste. Really a burst of flavor!
  • Last but not least we mention the Pecorino Sardo DOP which can be tasted in its fresh and seasoned versions for those who respectively love delicate but tasty cheeses and more seasoned and explosive cheeses.
  1. Cheeses from Lombardy
  2. Piedmontese cheeses
  3. Typical Sardinian cheeses
  • Where can these products be found?
  • Where can these products be found?

    We have mentioned only a few of the artisanal cheeses that are difficult to find in large-scale distribution, as previously mentioned, each Italian region is characterized by its typical products and its excellent cheeses.
    Probably these products can be found in high gastronomy shops but we are sure we can guarantee you that these products can also be found online, there are several stores where you can buy the best Italian cheeses at interesting prices and which are conveniently delivered to the door of your home.

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