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The White rice is a Garrison inevitable in the peruvian food Well, we almost always have it on our weekly menu.

If you want to get a White rice very graneadito you can see these steps that will teach you to prepare the rice as you always wanted it.

  1. Importance of White Rice
  2. How to Prepare White Rice
  3. White Rice Recipe
    1. Ingredients
    2. Preparation
    3. 1.- We prepare the dressing for our white rice
    4. two.- Now we start to cook the rice
    5. How to accompany?
  4. Tips to prepare White Rice

Importance of White Rice

While it is true we always have white rice in our meals Have you ever wondered, will rice be important in our diet?

Well white rice is a cereal that contains vitamins that are very good for our health Vitamin Bnevertheless, we must control the intake of this cereal since excessive consumption can bring us diseases such as diabetes. In fact, it's just about knowing how to balance our dish with some vegetables.

How to Prepare White Rice

  1. To prepare the White rice we are going to make the dressing first, for this heat a splash of oil and here we are going to brown the garlic with salt
  2. When we have already browned the garlic we will add the washed rice and then we pour the two cups of water to wait for it to boil over high heat and then simmer 20 minutes over low heat.

White Rice Recipe

The White rice It is one of the side dishes that we always have on our table, if you have problems with its preparation, here you have it white rice recipe which will surely help you.

Preparation: 5 minutes
Cooking: 20 minutes
Total: 25 minutes
portions: 2 people
calories: -kcal


  • 1.- 300 grams of rice which should be measured in two cups.
  • 2.- 2 cups of Water of the same measure where we measure the rice.
  • 3.- ½ teaspoon Garlic ground.
  • 4.- ½ teaspoon of Salt.
  • 5.- Vegetable oil.


1.- We prepare the dressing for our white rice

  • 1.1.- We are going to use a pot where We will heat a splash of oil to start with our dressing.
  • 1.2.- About the oil we are going to add the ½ teaspoon of ground garlic, ½ teaspoon of salt and we begin to brown this dressing that is the base of the white rice.

two.- Now we start to cook the rice

  • 2.1.- When our garlic has already started to brown we will add the 2 cups of rice that we must first wash.
  • 2.2.- We remove the rice with the dressing so that it takes on flavor and thus remains very delicious.
  • 2.3.- Now we are going to add the two cups of water which should be the same amount of rice measured in cups.
  • 2.4.- We cover our pot after stirring a little and we expect it to boil it may take about 3 to 4 minutes over high heat.
  • 2.5.- After it has boiled for a few minutes we will lower the fire to keep it boiling for a few 20 minutes approximately.
  • 2.6.- When this time has passed we will put out the fire and stir the rice a little, cover the pot and Let it rest for a few minutes before serving.

How to accompany?

You can accompany white rice with:

  1. Fried chicken.
  2. Stews.
  3. Fried egg.

Tips to prepare White Rice

Type 1: If you don't have measuring cups you can use the cup you have at home, but Consider that the cups of rice must be the same to measure the amount of water.

Type 2: So that your rice can come out a little grainier do not forget that it must rest for a few minutes before serving.

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