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The Green Tamales are typical of department of Piura specifically from Catacaos district Well, this is where these delicious tamales are made, made from corn flour and green herbs that give them that color.

If you want to learn how to make green tamales from Catacaos Well, here you have a very easy recipe to follow and you will surely love them.

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  3. Green Tamales Recipe
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Green Tamales Information

Tamales have a history in all countries because this delicious delicacy is spoken or consumed not only in Peru, but also in each department of Peru its preparation always varies in one thing or another.

In this case the green tamales They are a mixture of coriander and spinach that give them color, while in other places they only prepare them with white corn. Be that as it may, tamales are always good companions for any time of the day.

How to prepare Green Tamales

  1. To start with our preparation of green tamales we are going to use a grinding machine, where we will be grinding corn kernels, spinach, coriander, Chinese onion, yellow pepper and garlic.
  2. Now we will give it flavor and consistency by adding oil, salt, pepper and cumin. We remove very well so that everything is well even.
  3. Let's assemble the tamales and boil for 40 minutes in salted water.

Green Tamales Recipe

If you want to vary your appetizers a bit or perhaps surprise your family with a different breakfast, then here we give you green tamales recipe that very easy to do.

Preparation: 30 minutes
Cooking: 40 minutes
Total: 70 minutes
portions: 15 people
calories: -kcal


  • 1.- 17 corn shelled.
  • 2.- 1 bundle of fresh coriander.
  • 3.- 1 bundle of spinach.
  • 4.- 3 branches of Chinese onion.
  • 5.- 5 teeth Garlic.
  • 6.- salt, pepper and cumin to taste.
  • 7.- 3 units of Yellow pepper.
  • 8.- the fourth part of A chicken breast parboiled
  • 9.- Oil.
  • 10.- Pancakes of the corn.


#1: Let's start by grinding the corn and vegetables

  • 1.1.- Once we have ready the shelled corn with the help of a grinding machine we will grind.
  • 1.2.- We place little by little the corn kernels in the machine to obtain a corn dough.
  • 1.3.- Together with the corn kernels we will integrate spinach, coriander and yellow pepper so that everything grinds together.
  • 1.4.- Also by adding the corn kernels We will grind with the Chinese onion and the garlic cloves.
  • 1.5.- We continue grinding, alternating our ingredients until everything is over, You will see that the dough has already taken color.

#two: We prepare our tamale dough

  • 2.1.- In a source or container we place our dough that we have ground and here we will put the seasoning giving it consistency.
  • 2.2.- Let's sprinkle a little oil and 2 ½ tablespoons of salt since when boiling the salt will be absorbed.
  • 2.3.- We are also going to season with pepper and cumin to tastewe remove all this so that the flavors come together.

#3: We assemble the tamales and cook them

  • 3.1.- We are going to take two pancas of corn and on them we will place a portion of the dough green we have prepared.
  • 3.2.- Now place a piece of parboiled chicken and wrap the tamale very carefully.
  • 3.3.- Let's tie the tamales using strips of the same panca or pavilo, they must be well attached.
  • 3.4.- When we have them ready we will place the tamales in a pot with water to which we will add a little salt.
  • 3.5.- We will let boil our tamales for 40 minutes over high heat, and then remove them from the pot.

How to accompany?

You can accompany the green tamales with:

  1. Creole sauce
  2. Pork rind
  3. hot pepper cream

Tips to prepare the Green Tamales

#1: If you don't have a grinding machine you can use a blender, but always keep in mind that the consistency should not be too watery.

#two: you can also put as a filling for your tamales pork meat, olives, boiled eggs.

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