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The Fried trout It is a typical dish the Junin region Well, it is here where we find most of the trout farms for the consumption of tourists.

Trout has very soft meat and is also full of nutrients good for our health, you can prepare at home quickly and easily.

  1. Forms of preparation and presentation of the Fried Trout
  2. How to prepare Fried Trout
  3. Fried Trout Recipe
    1. Ingredients
    2. Preparation
    3. How to accompany?
  4. Tips to prepare Fried Trout

Forms of preparation and presentation of the Fried Trout

In the recipe that we give you now you will be able to learn to fry a trout without flour however also there are other types of preparation for fried trout like breaded trout which has flour or chuño.

We can also fry the fried trout in different ways, for example the open boneless trout or maybe one trout in pieces for a trout crackling. Be that as it may, this food is delicious and nutritious so take advantage of it.

How to prepare Fried Trout

  1. The first thing we will do is clean the trout removing the scales with the help of a knife.
  2. Now in another container we are going to prepare the dressing to marinate the trout trying to get the dressing to cover every corner of the trout.
  3. When we already have them seasoned we are going to fry in a deep frying pan with plenty of hot oil and we will do it for both sides.

Fried Trout Recipe

In this recipe Fried trout we will show you how you can get a well browned trout without using flourbut with a great flavor that you will love.


15 minutes


15 minutes


30 min

Preparation: 15 minutes
Cooking: 15 minutes
Total: 30 minutes
portions: 2 people
calories: -kcal



First we are going to clean the trout

  1. 1.1.- Trout is a fish with white or salmon meat and Like all fish, it has scales on its skin. so we'll start by cleaning these scales.
  2. 1.2.- To clean our trout we are going to take a knife and we will pass over the trout as if we were scraping. You will notice that the scales will come out.
  3. 1.3.- We rinse our trout and We booked for a few minutes.

We prepare the dressing for the trout

  1. 2.1.- In a container we will put the ground garlic, panca and season with salt, pepper and cumin with a splash of oil.
  2. 2.2.- We remove all these ingredients so that the flavors and the seasoning come together and so we can get an exquisite trout.
  3. 2.3.- Now we are going to put the trout in the dressing and with our hands we will bathe each part of the trout so that it is well seasoned.

Let's fry our trout

  1. 3.1.- In a slightly deep frying pan let's pour a good amount of oil and wait for it to be very hot.
  2. 3.2.- Now that the oil is hot we will fry the trout and we will do it on both sides until they are golden and ready to serve.

How to accompany?

You can accompany the fried trout with:

  1. Boiled potatoes
  2. White rice
  3. parboiled corn

Tips to prepare Fried Trout

Type 1: To get a well browned trout you should expect the oil to heat up very well in this way the meat will not parboil.

Type 2: When you buy a trout you must check that it is in very good condition, we also recommend that you take a salmon trout because they are tastier.

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