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The marinated chicken It is a typical dish in Peru because traditionally this dish is usually eaten as a cold appetizer since by letting it rest for hours the flavor intensifies.

In this recipe you can find the steps to prepare this dish for a very special occasion or also include it in your weekly menu.

Prescription: Pickled Chicken Ingredients & Preparation 🛎️

  1. Forms of preparation and presentation of the Chicken Escabeche
  2. How to prepare the Chicken Escabeche
  3. Chicken Escabeche Recipe
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  4. How to accompany the Chicken Escabeche?
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Forms of preparation and presentation of the Chicken Escabeche

The chicken marinade is usually prepared a day before so that when it is time to serve it is completely cold, we also make sure that the seasonings have penetrated the meat very well.

But nowadays this starter dish has become a main dish that is served with white rice any day of the week, it can also be prepared with fish fillets.

How to prepare the Chicken Escabeche

  • We are going to start by preparing everything we need for the marinade, such as boiling sweet potatoes and chicken, we will also chop the onions and the yellow peppers.
  • Secondly and very importantly, we are going to brown our dressing over low heat and with a lot of patience.
  • Finally, we will add the onion and chopped peppers to the dressing, then we will increase the chicken broth.

Chicken Escabeche Recipe

If you are looking to accompany your lunch with a cold and tasty appetizer, then here is the recipe for the chicken marinade, which is a classic in our gastronomy. Preparation: 5 minutes Cooking: 40 minutes Total: 45 minutes portions: 5 people calories: 232 calories


5 minutes

5 people

40 minutes

232 calories

45 minutes


For garnish and decoration


We will start by preparing what we need for the marinade

  1. In the first place, we are going to parboil the sweet potatoes, for this we will place them in a pot with water and we will reserve them when they are tender.
  2. We are also going to parboil the chicken pieces in a pot with water and salt, you must put a small amount of water so that the broth is more concentrated and we will let it boil for 35 minutes. When this time passes we reserve the dams and the broth each one separately.
  3. We are going to cut the onion into thick julienne strips. For this, we must first divide the onion into two parts and then chop them carefully.
  4. Now we are going to prepare the yellow peppers because we will cut them in julienne strips or in thin strips, removing the oats and the seeds, this will depend on how you like it, if you want it to be spicy, you can leave a little vein otherwise clean it well.

We continue now with the dressing

  1. In a deep frying pan we are going to put a jet of oil and here we will begin to brown the garlic and the cumin we will do it gently over low heat without hurrying until they begin to take on a golden color.
  2. Now we will add the 2 tablespoons of yellow pepper and we will continue frying without stopping stirring until it is well fried.
  3. When the yellow chili is well browned, add the red chili and continue frying slowly until the oil separates at the bottom of the pan.

Now we prepare our marinade

  1. We are going to place the onion and the chopped peppers in the dressing and we will raise the temperature a little because the onion is going to release liquid and what we want to be sautéed so that it is crispy and not parboiled.
  2. After stirring a little we are going to add the pepper, the oregano and a little salt, but only calculating that it is so that the onion is good for us because remember that we have also added salt to the chicken broth. We remove all very well.
  3. Now we put the vinegar and continue stirring, we have to do it quickly because the onion has to be crispy.
  4. We are going to add the broth about a cup, but we will add it by spoonfuls calculating that it is juicy so that there is no soup left either.
  5. We will let it cook for 1 minute without stopping moving, you must watch that it has liquid and if it is missing you can add a little more chicken broth so we can also taste the salt. We put out the fire.
  6. Now we are going to pour all the preparation into the fountain over the dams and let them rest, well covered, for a minimum of 3 hours until they are completely cold, then we can serve them.
  7. To serve, we are going to put two leaves of lettuce and in the middle we will place a dam with the juice and the onion, accompanied with slices of sweet potato, half a hard-boiled egg and an olive.

preparation video

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How to accompany the Chicken Escabeche?

You can accompany the chicken marinade with:

  1. White rice
  2. boiled sweet potato
  3. boiled potato

Tips to prepare the Chicken Escabeche

  • Tip 1: The cooking time of the chicken may be in less time because everything will depend on the size of the prey that we are going to cook.
  • Tip 2: When you go to choose the yellow peppers, a tip that you should know is that if these peppers are chubby they will not sting much, but if they are already wrinkled and thin, the itching is much stronger.

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