Chaufa Rice » Learn how to prepare it, step by step【Recipe 2021】

The hoop rice It is a fusion dish of oriental and Peruvian food, it is also one of the most consumed and popular dishes throughout our country.

In this recipe we are going to show you the steps you must follow and some tips so that you can get a delicious chaufa rice with oriental details.

  1. Origin of Chaufa Rice
  2. How to prepare Chaufa Rice
  3. Chaufa Rice Recipe
    1. Ingredients
    2. Preparation
  4. How to accompany the Chaufa Rice
  5. Tips to prepare Chaufa Rice

Origin of Chaufa Rice

Here in Peru the Chinese or also called "coolies" enter since 1849 and along with them a series of gastronomic customs that are combined with the fascinating Peruvian seasoning.

How to prepare Chaufa Rice

  1. We are going to start by preparing our chicken and bacon meat, which we will chop into medium squares.
  2. Now we are going to fry the chicken meat and bacon separately and reserve, we are also going to prepare our chopped egg omelet in small pieces.
  3. When we have everything ready, we divide our ingredients into 4 and prepare the chaufa rice.

Chaufa Rice Recipe

You can give yourself a taste of oriental food with this chaufa rice recipe because with a few simple steps you can get your favorite dish.

Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 20 minutes
Total: 30 minutes
portions: 4 - 5 people
calories: -kcal


  • 1.- 500 grams of grained white rice with very little salt.
  • 2.- 400 grams of chicken breast or leg fillet.
  • 3.- 300 grams of fresh or smoked bacon.
  • 4.- 4 eggs.
  • 5.- 1 cup of minced Chinese onion.
  • 6.- 50 grams of holantao or Chinese peas.
  • 7.- 50 grams of Chinese bean sprouts.
  • 8.- 3 tablespoons of diced red pepper.
  • 9.- ½ teaspoon ground ginger.
  • 10.- ½ teaspoon of ground garlic.
  • 11.- Pepper and salt to taste.
  • 12.- Oyster sauce.
  • 13.- Soy sauce or soy sauce.
  • 14.- Sesame oil.
  • 15.- Vegetable oil.


Let's start chopping our meats

  • 1.1.- In the first place, we will chop the chicken breast fillets and we are going to do it in not very small squares, we reserve the chicken in a container.
  • 1.2.- Once we have finished with the chicken we are going to continue with our bacon so first we cut it into strips and then into not very small squares in the same way we reserve in another container.

Now we are going to fry the meats and eggs separately

  • 2.1.- In a frying pan we are going to put a very small trickle of oil and first we will fry the bacon here we add half the garlic, half the ginger, pepper and a little salt. We stir all this and fry between about 8 to 10 minutes to reserve when it is well browned.
  • 2.2.- Now we continue with the chicken to which we will also add what remains of the garlic, half of our ginger, pepper and salt to taste. All this we stir very well and fry for about 4 to 5 minutes then reserve in a separate container.
  • 2.3.- Now we are going to prepare the eggs, for this we empty them into a container and mix lightly without beating, add a little salt and mix a little more.
  • 2.4.- In a frying pan, place a little of the fat that remains from frying the meat and there we are going to fry the eggs, always turning so that they fry on both sides. This is a very quick and rustic tortilla when it is ready we are going to take it out and cut it into rustic squares to reserve.

We will now begin to prepare the chaufa rice

  • 3.1.- First of all, we are going to mix the bacon and chicken meat in this way you can separate the portions that you are going to prepare in the pan. In this case we are going to use it for 4 parts.
  • 3.2.- In a frying pan we are going to put a little bit of oil and add a quarter of the meats on them, put a little bit of the oyster sauce, a little bit of sesame oil and we are also going to put a portion of the Chinese peas, the Chinese bean, a quarter of the pepper now we are going to fry everything very well over high heat.
  • 3.3.- We are going to stir the sofrito well and then we are going to put the fourth part of the rice and also the fourth part of the chopped egg, we are going to mix a little and then we add the soy sauce to taste. We remove everything very well.
  • 3.4.- Now we are going to add the Chinese onion and stir a little more, it will be ready to serve.

How to accompany the Chaufa Rice

  1. Fried wantan
  2. Fries wings
  3. pineapple slices

Tips to prepare Chaufa Rice

If you do not want to add bacon to your chaufa rice, you can opt for other types of meat such as sausages or hotdogs.

When you put the salt to the meats you must be careful because first you must check if the soybean you use has high levels of salt.

For your chaufa to come out perfect, it is best to do it in parts or dishes, because in this way each portion will have the right time and seasoning to achieve a great flavor.

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