Brunch also in Italy. What is it and recipes

  1. What is brunch
    1. The brunch: origins and traditions
  2. Dessert recipes for brunch
    1. Ricotta and chocolate squares
    2. Plum cake
  3. Savory recipes for brunch
    1. Cheese muffins
    2. Savory brioche braid
    3. Squares with vegetables
    4. Monachina eggs
    5. Fried mozzarella skewers
  4. Brunch: what to serve to drink

What is brunch

As the term itself suggests, it is theunion between breakfast and lunchi.e. breakfast and lunch, a neologism that indicates the meal to be eaten in the fluctuating time slot between 11 and 15 in the afternoon: the function of brunch, in fact, is to replace lunch with a less heavy and abundant meal, to enjoy the slower pace at least on weekends.

The brunch: origins and traditions

Brunch is a very solid tradition in America and England, which became an inevitable ritual of the English aristocracy and nobility around the 19th century, who loved to refresh themselves with a hearty buffet after hunting trips. From England arrived in the United States in 1930 and are based here brunch origins handed down in the modern era, what has become part of mass culinary culture.
Subsequently, the brunch took hold in many countries of the world, including Italy, becoming the protagonist of Italian Sundayto the point that even in many clubs and restaurants you can have a buffet or à la carte brunch, served between late morning and early afternoon, especially during the weekend.
Brunch is made up of typical breakfast foods and ingredients, such as milk, yoghurt, cereals, fruit, juices and coffee, but also more substantial and nutritious foods that are generally eaten for lunch or dinner, i.e. cheeses, cold cuts, vegetables, eggs and farinaceous.
Therefore, the Italian brunch recipes exist in both versions sweets that salad and choices from time to time based on the tastes of the diners.
The advice is to prepare them the day before, so that you can wake up comfortably and without the rush of having to prepare everything, perhaps even considering the possibility of putting everything away in a wicker basket and going to the park, the sea or the mountains to have brunch in a relaxing picnic.
Protagonists of the brunch are, therefore, Lots of delicious and easy to prepare ideasto set the table with a mix of sweet and savory dishes much loved by adults and children. Inevitable are pancakes, waffles, crêpes, sweet and savory pies, focaccias and puff pastry, spoon desserts, plum cakes, stuffed vegetables, flans and omelettes, cold pasta and finger food.
The following will be proposed more original brunch recipescourses that never disappoint, also suitable for those who follow a vegetarian or dietary diet.

Dessert recipes for brunch

Ricotta and chocolate squares

These treats are so fluffy and delicious that they will be snapped up in an instant. Their peculiarity is that they have a heart of soft and fresh cow's milk ricotta with pieces of dark chocolate, with a soft base prepared with flour, potato starch, eggs, sugar, milk and baking powder. This dough is cooked in the oven for 15 minutes and, as soon as it is ready, it is covered with ricotta cream flavored with vanilla extract, to which flakes of dark chocolate are added.
The recipe for these squares with ricotta and chocolate is similar to that of brownies and will conquer the palate of all diners.

Plum cake

Plumcake is the most loved Italian breakfast dessert, also perfect to be cut into slices and enjoyed during brunch. The plumcake recipe is easy to prepare and the result is a soft, fragrant, nutritious and light dessert.
There are many variations with which you can prepare the plumcake, and among the most popular are the plumcake with chocolate and yogurtThe nut plumcake and the yogurt and apple plumcake. You can add those you like best to the classic ingredients, including various dried fruit and fresh fruit. It is perfect to be dipped in milk but also to be filled with jams or hazelnut creams, pistachios and even peanut butter and maple syrup.
The plumcake is also very popular in the wholemeal version: just replace the 00 flour with wholemeal, spelled or oat flour and raw cane sugar instead of granulated sugar, for a lighter but equally tasty result.

Savory recipes for brunch

Cheese muffins

Delicious, soft and delicious, cheese muffins are rustic mini-sized muffins that are very easy to prepare, ideal for brunch but also for an aperitif. To the basic recipe of cheese muffins, also perfect for vegetariansyou can also add peas, cubes of ham or bacon, to give an extra touch of flavour. They are good both hot and cold and there is no rule about the most suitable cheese: any type is fine, according to your tastes.

Savory brioche braid

It is the rich and stuffed version of the brioche to painthe sweet pan brioche typical of the French tradition. A leavened dough made from flour, milk, sugar, corn oil and stuffed with ham, provola cheese, diced speck (but it can be varied with other cured meats, cheeses or vegetables), makes up the salty brioche braid that is baked in the oven . To brown it on the surface, brush it with an egg beaten with milk and the result will be a soft plait for a few days, versatile and suitable to be combined with grilled or pickled vegetables.

Squares with vegetables

The preparation of the squares with vegetables is very fast and the ingredients are few: grate the courgettes and potatoes and place them in a pan after having mixed them with flour, eggs, olive oil, salt and yeast for savory pies. This dough will be cooked in the oven and cut into squares. A brunch or aperitif course with a soft and tasty result.

Monachina eggs

Lovers of fried food and eggs cannot give up eggs alla monachina, a typical recipe of Neapolitan cuisine, a finger food that will be snapped up if served for brunch. After preparing the hard-boiled eggs, the yolk is extracted by dividing the egg white in half and mixed together with the béchamel or mayonnaise; at this point the egg is reassembled and breaded with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, ready to be fried in seed oil. A crunchy result on the outside and creamy on the inside.

Fried mozzarella skewers

Another fried and tasty recipe are the fried mozzarella skewers: the mozzarella balls are breaded with eggs and breadcrumbs and fried, then stuck on a skewer. Crispy and with a stringy heart, the fried mozzarella balls are tempting for everyone.

Brunch: what to serve to drink

At this point, all that remains is to think about drinks to serve during brunch. Also in this case the choice ranges between typical breakfast drinks and those more suitable for lunch or an aperitif and which best accompany savory dishes: coffee and tea, fruit juices, centrifuged and smoothies, fruit cocktails (preferably non-alcoholic) , white wine, red wine, prosecco and, of course, water. The advice is to put all the drinks at the table, so that each diner can choose the one he prefers.

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