Baby bathing tips

Bathing the newborn, before or after feeding?

As mentioned above, there is no rule that establishes the "when" of the bath. It can be done both before and after feeding, without any digestive problems for the little one. Indeed, in spite of popular beliefs, usually it is advisable to bathe the baby after the mealgiven that he will be calmer: hunger, in fact, can make him very nervous and then complicate bath time.
Naturally, this is not an immutable dogma: some babies do better with a pre-feeding bath, so it all depends on each specific case. Since there are no rules, in fact, the advice is to experiment a little and see how the newborn behaves, orienting himself according to his reactions and preferences. The most important thing is that, during the bath, precise indications for the health of the baby are followed.

Safe baby bath: the most important rules

First, let's start by addressing the issue of temperature. L'bath water should never exceed 37 degreeswhile the temperature of the external environments it should keep around 25 degrees. This combination will make it possible to obtain two very important results: firstly, the child will not suffer from any sudden changes in temperature, and secondly, he will not get cold or burn himself.
Not only temperatures, but also i products used for the bath they require all the necessary attention. Babygella's detergents for newborns, for example, are perfect both for hygiene and for the health of the little one. In fact, they can count on one formula with physiological pHnon-irritating to the skin, and containing a prebiotic complex. In addition, they have a 100% natural formula, which is further enriched by calendula extract, known for its skin soothing properties.

The importance of creating a baby bath routine

We couldn't not talk about the psychological aspects related to bathing babies. In fact, adults aren't the only ones who need the creation of certain routines. Not surprisingly, "fitting" bath time into a consolidated habit will allow the newborn to relax more and feel more secure. This is due to the fact that the little one will understand what is happening, and above all he will know that after the bath it will happen (just to give a concrete example) feeding or napping. Finally, once a routine has been established, it is always advisable to respect it so as not to annoy the child, since he could be disappointed and get nervous.

Ed. In case of doubts, it is advisable to consult your trusted pediatrician.

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