Air fryer: what it is and how to use it

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  1. How to fry with an air fryer
    1. Peculiarities and uses of the air fryer

How to fry with an air fryer

The air fryer it only provides for the insertion of the food in the special basket, which can have different capacities. In this sense, it is better to always follow the instructions on the ideal quantity to prepare, so that cooking is homogeneous as it should: thanks to the internal air that reaches even 200 degrees centigradein fact, you can have crispy on the outside and soft on the inside in a few minutes and without even a drop of oil. The oil can be used, if desired, in very small quantities in the order of a tablespoon at most and where strictly necessary.
The more compact the model is the shorter the cooking timebecause the boiling air will be more concentrated in a small space, allowing you to cooking cutlets, mixed fries, meat and fish with less time and effort. In order to insert a different variety of foods, it is better to choose a fryer with a non-stick interior that does not leave residues and is easily removable and washable, so as to ensure quick cleaning between one cooking and another and not mix the flavors. In some very advanced models there are even two distinct areas to provide two separate cooking.

Peculiarities and uses of the air fryer

A state-of-the-art air fryer also features a timer and a program selector to customize cooking in the times and methods that are preferred. As mentioned, the dimensions are often very small and allow you to transport the fryer from one place to another, even on vacation, without taking up the space of classic electric ovens. Often, however, they have functions that can be traced back to them, such as, for example, that of grill.
The best air fryers not only allow crisp and never too dry frying with minimal amounts of oil, but also other types of preparationlike soufflé or even risotto. The maximum power can even exceed 2,000 W, especially in the presence of a double basket. Cleaning the various parts is quite simple, because in addition to the basket there is only one moisture collection tray.
With an air fryer you can also quickly heat cold dishes such as sandwiches or pizzas previously stored in the fridge, but also cook great treats following the suitable recipe. Anything that can be cooked in a traditional or electric oven can, in theory, also be placed in the air fryer: cream puffs, Carnival chatter, biscuits and even small cakes. Instead of oil, in the case of desserts you can also use part of the butter in the various preparations and the result will still be soft or crunchy depending on the type of recipe.

Finally, when choosing the model, it is also necessary to verify fundamental elements such as the distribution of heat that should remain inside without reaching the external walls, perhaps making the fryer dangerous in the presence of children in the house.

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