6 delicious and quick variations of meat escalopes

What makes scallops always a valid option to offer is theirs versatility in carrying out the basic recipe in a thousand different ways, with original and delicious toppings, such as the timeless recipe for creamy lemon escalopes. The sauce is in fact what makes the escalopes unique and tasty and can be prepared using the spices and aromas you love the most. It's a convenient recipe even for those days when you need to use what is in the fridge, such as seasonal vegetables or leftover cheeses.
Read on to get ideas and cook some excellent scallops for your guests.

  1. Which meat to use for scallops
  2. Fancy ideas for garnishing meat escalopes
    1. 1 - Escalopes with Marsala
    2. 2 - Scallops with pizzaiola
    3. 3 - Scallops with porcini mushrooms
    4. 4 - Mediterranean-style chicken escalopes
    5. 5 - Scallops with pesto
    6. 6 - Escalopes with Vin Santo

Which meat to use for scallops

The ingredients to prepare the scallops are really simple, as well as their preparation. The basic element is obviously meat, which can be chosen according to your tastes from:

  • Calf meat;
  • Beef;
  • Chicken or turkey meat.

What you really need to pay attention to is it thickness of the sliceswhich must not exceed half a centimeter. This is the secret of fast cooking in a pan, after the slices have been passed in flour. Another trick is to keep the meat cooking bottomto be able to use it in the preparation of your favorite sauce, whether it is sweet and sour or with a white wine base.

Fancy ideas for garnishing meat escalopes

As can be understood, it is precisely there sauce that we prepare to garnish the scallops to give that tasty touch to this second course of meat. You can really indulge yourself, satisfying everyone's tastes. Let's see together 6 delicious variations of scallops.

1 - Escalopes with Marsala

This Milanese variant is one of the most widespread in our Mediterranean cuisine and, as the name suggests, involves the use of Marsala wine. The trick is to add this ingredient during cooking to make it evaporate over high heat. These escalopes can be accompanied by mashed potatoes or seasonal vegetables.

2 - Scallops with pizzaiola

Classic recipe for cooking veal in a few minutes using mozzarella and tomato sauce, the scallops alla pizzaiola they are a dish that should be eaten as soon as it is done, so as not to lose heat and prevent the mozzarella from becoming too stringy. The escalopes can be accompanied by a salad or seasonal grilled vegetables.

3 - Scallops with porcini mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms are meaty and tasty and will give an extra touch to the meat, making the dish complete even at the nutritional level. If you do not have the fresh porcini mushroomsfrozen ones are fine too, or you can even replace them with champignon mushrooms. You can accompany the dish with light boiled potatoes.

4 - Mediterranean-style chicken escalopes

If you have children at the table, the recipe for Mediterranean chicken escalopes it is certainly the most suitable one. Chicken breast is a very neutral and versatile meat, low in fat and calories. In this version, the escalopes are garnished with vegetables and tomatoes. For the sauce we recommend the use of capers, olives and dried tomatoes to be browned with a white wine. Seasonal vegetables are ideal to accompany the dish.

5 - Scallops with pesto

Delicate on the palate, the escalopes with pesto they are suitable for lovers of this condiment. To prepare it at home, sage and pine nuts are used, and it is used to garnish the escalopes. A trick to get more flavor is to brown some white wine while cooking. This dish can be served with baked potatoes or tomatoes. See Genoese Pesto recipe.

6 - Escalopes with Vin Santo

The version of the escalopes with Vin Santo it is particular and very good to prepare on colder days. The secret is to pour 100ml of Holy wine in the pan and cook until reduced to half. Then put the escalopes back and finish cooking them in the Vin Santo. Accompanying this dish with croutons seasoned with oil and salt or with seasonal vegetables makes it perfect.

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